Kartmaster Championship

Competitive, fun racing in a safe environment without the hassle of having to buy your own racing Kart or gear!

Race in our Kartmaster Championship and earn a spot in the history books for taking part in what’s probably the best Karting Championship Event in the South.

Start with a 10 minute open timed practice / qualifying session then race in a 25 minute grand final. A true racing experience that will get you buzzed.

The Championship winner will receive a Go Pro plus bragging rights!

Points are awarded for each race:

1st place = 35pts
2nd place = 32pts
3rd place = 30pts

Then the points will go down by 1pt per position thereafter.


***CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE*** – Kartmaster gets a Re-Boot!

Existing Championship and Leader board

There was talk of scrapping the leader board and starting over but that will not be the case, we are going to keep all existing points and standings as they are.

New Race Dates

The existing Championship only managed 3 events due to all the covid disruptions so we have decided to extend the Championship with an extra 5 rounds.

Existing Drivers

Whereas before you were allowed 1 drop round you now have 2! That means you have everything to play for almost giving you a clean slate to start again.

New Drivers

Why join a Championship that’s already 3 races old? How will you catch up on points? That’s easy because all new drivers get DOUBLE POINTS on their first race.

This will fire you up the table and once the existing drivers have their 2 drop rounds it will mean everyone after all 8 rounds would have had the chance to register the equivalent of 6 races each.

New Bonus Points

From round 4 to 8 we are adding a cheeky Bonus Point to the 2 fastest drivers of the final (NOT PRACTICE/QUALIFICATION). That’s an extra point up for grabs for 2 drivers each round.

Why you ask? Because sometimes you can have a nightmare and it feels like there’s nothing to race for if you’re out of the pack. So get your head down, put in a fast lap and take home an extra point.

Weight Classes

Light Weights 70kg +
Heavey Weights 85kg+

Drivers will need to supply their own weight but we have plenty of ideas to do this plus Chris and the team will be happy to help, just give us a call!

Upcoming Race Dates:

R5: Wednesday 9th June 7pm
R6: Wednesday 30th June 7pm
R7: Wednesday 21st July 7pm
R8: Wednesday 18th August 7pm