Kartmaster Championship Winter Series

Competitive, fun racing in a safe environment without the hassle of having to buy your own racing Kart or gear!

Race in our Kartmaster Championship and earn a spot in the history books for taking part in what’s probably the best Karting Championship Event in the South.

NEW FORMAT for the Winter Series.

A total of 4 rounds, each round consists of 3 x 12 minute races. Points from each race will go towards the Championship meaning a total of 12 races. We are also offering 4 drop races for each driver and bonus points for fastest laps.

Another exciting new touch is that you will start each race in a different Kart from a different grid position. One at the front of the grid, one in the middle and one at the back. This is designed to make it fair for everyone involved.

A great racing experience designed for a fairer, more level playing field.


Weight Classes

Light Weights 70kg +
Heavey Weights 85kg+

Drivers will need to supply their own weight but we have plenty of ideas to do this plus Chris and the team will be happy to help, just give us a call!

Upcoming Race Dates:

R1: Wednesday 20th October 7pm
R2: Wednesday 17th November 7pm
R3: Wednesday 15th December 7pm
R4: Wednesday 26th January 7pm