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Kartmaster Championship Race Rules and Regulations


Kartmaster Winter Series is an open championship and therefore driver entry is run on a first come first serve basis.

All rounds of the series are available for booking via phone, email and online – link.

Drivers who have not raced at Brighton Karting before may be required to attend a practice prior to the event.

Format & Event Calendar

The winter series consists of 6 rounds, in which a total of 18 sprint races will be held; consisting of three 12 minute Lightweight sprints and three Heavyweight sprints. Points from each sprint race will count towards the championship.

Over the 6 rounds the lowest six sprint race point results an entrant has will be dropped from their overall tally.

Registration and Event Schedule

New drivers must register to the event, prior to arriving at Brighton Karting.

Drivers must attend the briefing. Failure to attend may result in the entrant being unable to participate in the event.

Event Schedule

Arrival/Sign on opening18:20
Drivers Briefing18:40
First round of Sprint Races19:00
Second round of Sprint Races19:30
Third round of Sprint Races20:00

*Race start times are estimated.

Sprint races will alternate, e.g. Lightweight Sprint 1 followed by Heavyweight Sprint 1, Lightweight sprint 2, Heavyweight Sprint 2…


The minimum weight requirements for each class are as follows:

  • Lightweight class minimum requirement of 70 kg.
  • Heavyweight class minimum requirement of 85kg.

A driver’s weight is measured in full race kit with any additional weight required to meet the minimum requirement.

Seat inserts supplied by Brighton Karting can be used to meet the requirement.

Additional weight must be in the form of weighted seats or securely worn on the driver.

Drivers will be weight checked at the start of the event and after sprint races. Failure to reach the minimum requirement will result in an exclusion from the sprint result(s).

Sprint Grids and Allocation

The Winter series operates Sprint Grids, which are predetermined using a formula equalling a total over three races of 19 or 20.

For example: Driver A starts in grid 1st, 8th, and 11th (1+8+11=20) and driver B starts in 3rd, 7th and 9th. (3+7+9=19)

Drivers will be assigned a number from 1 to 12 at the start of the season, allowing drivers attending all rounds of the championship to start in different variations of the predetermined grids.

New or guest drivers will replace drivers not attending by taking their number and therefore their grid positions.


Championship points awarded for sprint races will be as follows.

6th27 13th20
7th26 14th 19

An additional championship point will be awarded per sprint race for fastest lap after the event is completed.

A total of six sprint race results will be dropped once all 18 races in the season are complete. In the event of a tie on points at the end of the season. The driver with the most 1st place finishes will be awarded, if still tied the most 2nd positions and so on.

Changing Karts

If a driver wishes to change their kart prior to the start of a sprint they must request this to a pitlane marshall. The driver will pick randomly “out of a hat” a reserve kart. These karts will be cold and the driver will not be able to change back once the race has started.

Drivers who bring in Karts once the race has started. Will not retain their position unless there is a genuine mechanical issue with the kart.

If marshalls deem a kart has a mechanical issue or unfit for use during the event the kart will be pulled from the line up and replaced with a spare.

Race Start and False Start Procedure

Races at Brighton Karting are run as rolling starts. This means no overtaking, walking pace and remain in starting formation until the first 2 corners are cleared and a green flag is shown.

For a race start to be successful:

  1. The lead driver must set a slow walking pace through the first two corners.
  2. Drivers must not accelerate from a walking pace until the green flag is waved.
  3. Drivers must remain in formation 2 by 2, allowing space for both drivers to remain side by side through the first two corners.
  4. Drivers must remain in starting order and not overtake until past the green flag and start/finish line.

Failure to start successfully will result in a false start and/or individual penalties.

If a false start occurs:

  • Marshals will gesture a “go around” accompanied by waved yellow flags.
  • Drivers will be re-gridded back into their original starting positions.
  • The race/session timer will not be stopped.
  • Penalties will be given to any offending drivers. (see penalties)

Rules and Flags


RedRace Stopped. Come to a controlled stop and await instruction.
YellowIncident ahead. Half race speed, no overtaking till passed incident.
Black and WhiteDriver warning; Depending on severity/advantage gained a penalty may be applied after race or during the race remotely.
BlackReturn to pits. Repeated breach of rules.
BlueNot used in this format.
ChequeredEnd of the race. Slow down and return to the pits.


No ContactNo contact between other karts or track barriers.If a driver gains an advantage as a result of contact they will receive a penalty by discretion of the race director. (see penalties)
Track LimitsStay between the confines of the track surface.
Off-KerbsExcessive use of kerbs that could cause damage to the kart.
No WeavingExcessive weaving/blocking in an attempt to stop a driver passing.
Pit StopReturn to the pits.

Red Flags

If a red flag occurs in the first 3 minutes of the race:

  • Drivers will be re-gridded from the original starting order.

If a red flag occurs in the last 3 minutes of the race:

  • The race will be considered completed and a result will be taken from positions at the end of the previous full lap.

If a red flag occurs in-between these time windows the decision will be made by the race director if a re-grid will occur or to continue from current track positions under a green flag restart via circuit marshals.


All cases where a penalty is required the driver(s) will be shown a Black & White alongside a warning board of the offense committed.

In cases of overtaking by impeding/contact with another driver or overtaking under a yellow can avoid a penalty by allowing the affected driver to overtake within a lap. A penalty may still be applied if the offending driver has previously breached rules e.g. repeated advantage by contact.

Along with specific position penalties applied through timing software. The karts at Brighton Karting are fitted with De Haardt safety systems allowing for remote temporary penalties to a karts power output.

A De Haardt penalty will be used for:

  • Advantage by contact which has resulted in position loss and can be reversed remotely. – dependant on incident
  • Ignoring yellow flagse. speeding or overtaking under yellows – minimum of 10 seconds half power
  • Excessive cases of kerbing, track extension, corner cutting or weaving. Where warnings have not been adhered to. – minimum of 10 seconds half power

If a karts De Haardt unit becomes unresponsive to a penalty given remotely a penalty will be applied via timing software after the race is completed.

Contact and Racing Incidents

If an incident can not be dealt with via a remote penalty during a race. Positions will be deducted depending on severity of the incident starting from a minimum of 2 up to disqualification.

Any of the following but not limited to will result in a position deduction after the race:

  • Forcing, squeezing, loading or nudging another driver to run wide, off track or into barriers to gain an advantage.
  • Incident that results in driver(s) losing multiple positions. – minimum penalty loss of 4 positions
  • Excessive contact with barriers resulting in moving or damaging track barriers
  • Any contact considered deliberate or in retaliation will result in exclusion from race or event.

False Starts

  • Overtaking/Jump starting before the start line – 2 position penalty applied per position gained.
  • Deliberate failure to set a slow pace by the leader – 2 position penalty applied after the race.

Weight Checks

  • Driver(s) found to be racing underweight will be disqualified from the sprint race result.
  • Driver(s) who are requested by a marshal to have their weight checked must proceed straight to the scales. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race result.

Penalty Withdrawal or Incident Appeals/Reviews

Any penalties given for excessive breach of track limits, kerbing, contact with barriers, corner cutting or ignoring marshal instruction will not be reverted.

Penalties are given at the discretion of Brighton karting marshals and the race director. Requests for a review or appeal by any driver or spectator will not impede or stop the progression of an event. Any requests for a review of an incident may be postponed to after the event is completed or at a later date.

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