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If you’re eager to elevate your karting experience and transition to the next level of kart speed, please don’t hesitate to inform us during the booking process. Alternatively, you can have a discussion with our on-site race director, who will be more than delighted to guide you in the right direction.

As a general practice, trophies are not automatically included with our events. However, you have the option to add trophies as an extra feature to your booking. Should trophies be part of your event, this will be explicitly indicated on the event page of our website for your convenience.

Indeed, we do permit “like-minded” groups to share the track. These particular sessions fall under the “Kids & Family” category, where both 120cc and 200cc karts coexist. It’s important to be aware that these sessions are closely monitored and adjusted for the benefit of the younger, less experienced drivers. We kindly request that the grown-ups exercise caution and drive with care, as they share the track with our younger superstars.

This feature serves as a safety mechanism, designed to reduce the speed of the karts in the event of a track incident. This crucial function minimizes potential risks to both drivers and track marshals. Additionally, it can be employed on individual karts to enforce penalties, so it’s essential to stay within the rules and regulations!

We hear you, and we completely understand your situation. You’ve been behind the wheel of our 120cc karts, you’re a skilled and confident driver, and you’re 147cm tall. However, you may not have reached the required age just yet. The good news is, yes, you can join the 200cc fun. To make it official, all you need is an approval stamp from our race director. Give us a call to arrange this and get ready to hit the track!

Due to NKA regulations the minimum age to race is 14yrs. Drivers under the age of 14yrs can take part in open practice & mixed family events.

No, we only allow our karts on the track.

Yes, there’s plenty of car parking spaces and its free of charge to customers.

Brighton Karting is an outdoor go kart track and we operate in 99% of all weather conditions. If the track is unavailable due to freak weather conditions then we will re-schedule your event.

Regrettably, that’s not possible. To ensure a seamless karting event with us, advance booking is the only way. Arriving without a reservation may lead to disappointment, as our track could be fully booked.

No. Every driver must be in suitable safety equipment.

Yes. Drivers may supply their own safety equipment but it must be approved by the Race Director. Full face helmets with a visor and appropriate approvals must be used. Tinted visors are not allowed for any of our evening events. Racesuits must cover the driver from neck to wrist to ankle and be of appropriate construction for racing. Brighton Karting does not accept any liability for any loss of such equipment or any injury caused where the driver’s own safety equipment may have contributed to the injury.

Yes, we provide all safety equipment that is required for all Drivers.

Yes. We allow this for corporate races or Championship events. Flags and banners with your company logo really spice up the event. Please discuss this with our staff when booking your event.

No, all events commence with a safety briefing and practice laps. If you miss the briefing or practice, you cannot race. We do not refund race fees for late arrivals.

Yes there are, please see the minimum ages and heights below for our Karts:

120cc Cadet Karts = 132cm / 8yrs
200cc Senior Sodi RT8 = 147cm / 13yrs
270cc Sodi SR5 Race Kart = 152cm / 15yrs

Yes, the more the merrier, although children must be supervised at all times.

No, any person under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances will not be allowed to drive.

No. You do not need a driving licence to race at Brighton Karting. Every driver receives a full safety briefing and instruction on how to operate the karts. However please notify the Race Director if this is your first time behind the wheel, they’ll be able to help you with extra advice and guidance.

Yes, Brighton Karting has both a restaurant and a licenced bar on site. The Drive-In coffee house is a separate entity so opening hours will not always align with Karting events. Please make sure you book in advance or check opening times before arrival.

Yes. Our track is floodlit and nothing beats a race under the stars. We do not run Kids events in the evenings.

Please wear trainers or similar. Do not wear high heels, sandals or flip-flops. We advise comfortable clothes that may be worn under the overals.

No sadly not. The track is open Wednesday – Sunday, our awesome team deserve a couple of days off. And remember sessions must be booked in advance.

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