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Lots of fun updating our safety briefing

On Wednesday 6th, staff spent the day filming for the new safety video which will be presented to all customers before going onto the track.  From 9 am -3 pm, there was hard work and good fun put into this new video to allow our customers to understand every safety precaution that needs to be taken while on and off the track.

We had great help with filming from professional creative filmmakers Jon and Bec from DoubleXAir based in Brighton, using their skills to create the perfect video for us, here at Brighton Karting.

Drone shots, tracking shots, close ups and even slow motion, we’ve got it all packed into our safety video. This new and improved video, will give you all the information and demonstrations you need whilst keeping you entertained and engaged.

So, why not come down to Brighton Karting in Sussex to not only have a go at some exhilarating Go Karting but also to experience our thrilling and entertaining safety briefing, its worth it just to see Charlie’s flag waving skills.

A big thank you to the DoubleXAir team – take a look at their work

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