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Electric Skate Board Shred

Electric skate board crew at Brighton Karting

Back in August 2019 we had a visit from Slick Revolution and their crew of modern day Skaters. The Karts were put aside and the race track was taken over with 40 Electric Skate board riders. All of them showing some great skills and enjoying the perfectly laid surface.

The team at Slick had a selection of boards on show and they were available for the guests to trial and compare before making a purchase or upgrading their current weapon of choice. Some had even built their own board which was very impressive to see.

Along with Slick Revolution the event was joined and sponsored by Ruroc, Ride and Glide, and Shred-Lights.

The evening was a great success and we look forward to having the crew back again next summer. To get a real feel for the event please check out the video below and if you are interested in jumping on the e-board wagon then we can strongly recommend any of the Slick Revolution models.

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