Track Information

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Corner 1 - Hells Drop

Corner 1 Hells Drop

A fast, furious down hill start to the track but be warned, too much speed will throw you wide and see you into the tyre wall. Accelerate down the hill position yourself to the far left then release the accelerator hit the apex and accelerate around the bend into the rattle snake. Hug the late section of the bend as this will pull you into a good position to attack turn 2.

Corner 2 - Rattle Snake

Corner 2 Rattle Snake

This is a very quick bend and as no braking is used it is usually hard to overtake. As long as you come out of Devil's Drop at the correct speed and position you should be on the right hand side, accelerate using a small bit of curb on the apex on the left hand side. Follow this bend around but stop yourself from turning into turn 3 too early.

Corner 3 - Williams Pit Entry

Corner 3 Williams Pit Entry

The entry to this bend is fast and often causes oversteer, so a tiny section of de-accelerating should solve this problem. From the left hand side just before the pit-entry begin to steer into the apex and take a wide exit out of the bend so you end up far left under the bridge. It is important not to turn into this bend too early as it will throw you wide and lose momentum also giving other karts the opportunity to pass you on the inside just before the tunnel.

Corner 4 - Hair Pin

Corner 4 Hair Pin

Keeping the momentum from turn 3 slowly position yourself fully to the left just after you exit the tunnel. Brake on the left in a straight line then turn onto the far apex following it round to a wide exit. Let the kart run wide to the very edge of the track. Accelerate as you exit the bend and turn right over the bridge. Try not to show a gap on the entry to the hair pin as it gives other karts a great overtaking opportunity.

Corner 5 - Mansell

Corner 5 Mansell

A flowing bend which is taken flat out. Approach from the left as you exit the bridge, turn right onto the apex using a tiny bit of curb and let the kart exit wide. A classic text book fast driving bend, makes it hard to overtake but often gives the unexperienced drivers too much speed into turns 6 and 7.

Corner 6 - Sand Pit

Corner 6 Sand Pit

Another flat out bend with plenty of speed under your tyres from turn 5 exit. There is no need to move to the right hand side here, let the wide exit from turn 5 take you onto the apex using the small curb. Hug the bend all the way round and keep a tight exit. If you exit wide too early you will be in no position to take turn 7.

Corner 7 - Overdrive

Corner 7 Overdrive

Leading onto the main straight, this corner is important. The shape of the corner will draw less experienced drivers to make an early turn in. Understeer is often a problem here, so a late turn in from the far left is required. You should aim to hug in tight to the last half of the kerb, running wide to the full width of the track and just beyond onto the kerb if necessary. It is important to get the power down early, ideally before the apex to carry as much speed as possible onto the straight.

Corner 8 - Gurkhas Revenge

Corner 8 Gurkhas Revenge

After a winding straight the approach to this bend is fully to the left. Brake in a straight line, use the full width of the kerb then let the kart drift wide to the left into the next S bend. It is important that you don't let the kart drift left too early, otherwise you will have no entry point for turn 9 and lose all momentum.

Corner 9 - Carls Bend

Corner 9 Carls Bend

It is important to keep a smooth momentum for this turn so the exit from turn 8 must be smooth. The exit from turn 8 will naturally throw you onto the kerb, then accelerate and let the kart take a wide exit onto the kerb on the right hand side. Accelerate and position yourself over to the left and accelerate into devils drop.